Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tony Yayo Represents What Hip-Hop is about?

For me I can only connect with artists who are real, and represent themselves as such. Tony Yayo right now is the realist, figure in hip hop right now! I mean he lives what he says for the most part, and why he is not promoted more, I have not a clue. I mean G-Unit is a charity organization. They have been giving to schools for years. I don't see Country Music artists giving to charities. All they worry about is rodeos, hunting deer, racism, not expanding their dialect, and putting hooks on their caps. I guess I am supposed to be afraid of the hook in the cap, the deer hunters oh no they might shoot me momma!
Listen to DJ WHoo and 50 Cent God 3, and hear Tony's flow "my bullets having you burning like STDs" is so real. I leave you ((*_ like Bush left Katrina. The bottom line is with Obama in the White House, the haves are nervous about the have not's being able to put out our true views on the state of the Union. We seek even further equality, while some call it socialism, it is capitalism with revisions. Also check out "Yay Got That Fire!" A known supplier, yay got that fire.... Bogey after Bogey.